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the gorman story

in 1999, lisa gorman launched her eponymous label at fledgling boutique fat52 in fitzroy, melbourne, with a collection titled 'less than 12 degrees'. the instant success of that first offering was the beginning of something special, and in the years that have followed the gorman label has become an iconic part of the australian fashion landscape.

there is a distinctive handwriting that underpins all of gorman's designs, from its whimsical signature prints, directional knitwear and distinctive colour palettes. for all of its vintage and tribal references, gorman is thoroughly modern and inspired by the everyday, and the local culture and artists that surround us, particularly in lisa's local fitzroy.

gorman organic was introduced in 2007, in response to increasing environmental awareness, made possible by manufacturing innovations in fabric production. blended throughout the main collection, gorman organic offers customers a sustainable choice without compromising good design and quality.

all garments in the gorman organic range are either certified organic, (the materials are organically farmed and produced without pesticides) or are sustainable (may not be specifically organic, but come from sustainable farming / non-chemical processing / closed loop production means).

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