How do I create an AfterPay Order?

1. In the Store Admin navigation select POS -> NEW AFTERPAY ORDER
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2. Scan the item barcode OR search for the item name and click the 'Search' button.
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3. Check the SKU and click the 'Add To Cart' link.
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4. If you need to change the price enter the new price in 'Original Price' and click the 'Update' button.
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5. Once all items are added to the cart click the 'Checkout' button.
6. The customer must then present their mobile device with their AfterPay barcode. Scan the barcode with your barcode scanner OR manually type the code into the 'Afterpay Barcode' input field.
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7. Wait until the order has been processed. When the transaction has been approved. You will see a green message box with a AfterPay order ID and a link to view the order.
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8. Finally create an AccPac receipt. Select payment type AfterPay and enter the AfterPay Order ID in the comments section of the receipt.

How do I refund an In-Store AfterPay Order?

1. In the Store Admin navigation select POS -> LIST AFTERPAY ORDER
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step 1 refunds
2. Find the AfterPay order by entering the 'Afterpay Order ID' and clicking the 'Search' button.
The click on the view action link to see the Order.
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step 2 refunds
3. Enter the amount to refund and click the 'Refund' button.
You will be prompted whether you want to refund this amount or not?
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step 3 refunds
4. You will then be redirected to the refund. Wait until you see the message "the refund has been successfully placed with afterpay".

How do I refund an Online AfterPay Order?

Please call 03 8420 0326 or email providing the following details:
  • Customer Name
  • Customer Contact Phone Number
  • Customer Email Address
  • Online Order Number ID
  • Staff Member Name and Staff ID
Alternatively, fill out the attached webform below:

Customer Details
Order Details
Staff Details

* Required Fields

Finally create an AccPac refund.
Inform the customer that the online afterpay refund will take 1-3 days to refund.

How do customers use AfterPay In-Store