kat macleod

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Product Code: sneaker-diy-kmc

I decorated my sneakers with a series of sparkly birds heads, hand sewn onto the shoes sequin by sequin, with a mix of glass and plastic beads.
It felt like the right approach for the project as embellishment, surprising colour combinations and intricate sewing are all elements I feel are synonymous with both my illustrations and the Gorman brand. And the playful materials felt like just the right thing to use when the proceeds of the project are going to a children's art therapy school. As for the floating heads…. birds are a motif I have always loved drawing and experimenting with as a subject. These little bejewelled guys felt like a light hearted way to bring the blank canvas sneakers to life.

materials: sequins, glass & plastic beads, metallic thread

this is a one off pair of sneakers available only in size 37

website: jackywinter.com

instagram: @katmacleod

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