kate tucker

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Product Code: sneaker-diy-kt

One of the best things about painting a pair of sneakers is that there are two of them. I decided straight away that I wanted to reject symmetry and let them take their own directions. I often work on more than one painting at a time, and I find that investigations play out across everything I’m working on. Sometimes an idea that emerges while I’m painting ends up being much more relevant to something I’m making out of clay. For this project I decided to be more literal, and explore the Left brain/right brain concept. I nicknamed them ‘Cognitive style’ and tried to divide all my forms, colours and marks into ‘structured’ and ‘chaotic’. Not surprisingly, chaos and colour dominated despite my efforts! But it was an interesting exercise in discipline.

When you set out to choose your own adventure, there are many assumptions it pays to boldly disregard. Realising that your shoes don’t need to match is a good place to start!

materials: watercolour and acrylic paint, paper twine, silk thread, balsa wood

this is a one off pair of sneakers available only in size 37

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