miranda skoczek

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Product Code: sneaker-diy-ms

Working on a pair of shoes as my ‘canvas’ presented challenges with scale, as I always begin my paintings in a very gestural and automatic manner.However, after my initial apprehension, I approached the teeny, tiny surface with abandon, surrendering inhibitions, and basically ‘going for it!!’ As is always the case, using different materials, creating contrasts between shiny and matte, graphic and the painterly, organic with more hard edge/machine like finishes. Colour has not been used intellectually, but intuitively – requiring an emotional and physical response to the work. I’ve embraced accident and a capricious application of paint, as it is always my desire that the work look very much ‘of the hand.

I used fluorescent acrylic to create a sense of movement, light and layering. Colours and images are altered depending on which angle the shoes are viewed from. Abstract, formalist mark making is coupled with fabric collage, spray painted diamond stencils, oil crayons, ink and even cut up pieces from a favourite section of one of my paintings!!

materials: mixed media

this is a one off pair of sneakers available only in size 37

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