Interview & words by: Lisa Gorman
Photographer: Edwina Hollick

By day, you'll find Sam making things happen in Gorman head office. By night, he takes to the stage, dressed to the nines in glittering gowns and wigs for days as Sam the drag queen. In the lead up to the one year anniversary of the marriage equality bill being passed, we want to celebrate those who make up our much loved LGBTQIA community. We talked to this Gorman friend about his inspiration for embracing drag and how he manages to get his beauty sleep, featuring our latest Gorman quilt set collection.

Sam gets comfy in: Cat Cafe Quilt Cover Set + Cat Cafe Pillowcase Pair

What drew you to drag initially?

Priscilla Queen of the Dessert and the Rocky Horror Picture Show. But I was wearing dresses since birth. There’s this amazing photo of me and my sister sitting in the back yard, she’s in the mud, legs spread, holding a kookaburra and I’m seated on a stool with my legs crossed in a full length flower gown. In pre-school I even wore a wedding dress to dress up day.

Who's your biggest drag inspiration?

Danny La Rue, he was an incredibly glamorous and witty entertainer who sold out theaters and really took the craft of drag to a whole new level. After every show he would take his bow as a man, to let people know its all an act...not to mention his dresses were bloody incredible.

Costume designer and seamstress Phoebe Rose Smith

Talk us through your show make-up process, because you're really really good at it!

I don't wear makeup, I'm a natural beauty.

Tell us about your day job, and if you have a dream job (other than your day job) what is it?

I work for Factory X as a receptionist and I manage The Iconic and click and collect orders. I am also a fit model for Jack London and sometimes model for their instagram, when my face is pretty enough to not be cropped out. Though my dream job would be getting paid to just perform.

Where are we going to see Sam in five years time?

On VH1 on Rupauls Drag Race...once I marry someone in the states to get me a visa. Or hopefully in a touring musical.

Sam wears: Cat Cafe Raincoat + Cat Cafe Dress

Are you an early bird or a night owl?

Early bird gets the worm on weekdays but on weekends I'm definitely a night owl.

What's your bedtime routine?

I'm an old soul during weeknights, I need my beauty sleep... at least 8 hours of it. I'm in bed by 10pm and up at 7am. But the lantis that's a different story.

If you're in Gorman this season Sam, which print will that be?

Electric Blue Day because its loud and proud or the Green Jungle print because it reminds me of the illustrations of a book that mum used to read me as a child.

Instagram: @samtdrag