animal welfare statement


gorman does not accept mulesing.

mohair & angora

in response to reports by peta exposing animal cruelty in the mohair and angora industries, gorman ceased using angora in 2016 and in response to recent reports will phase out mohair by 2020.


gorman does not include fur in its range. hair on leather may be included.

exotic skins

gorman does not include real exotic animal skins in its range, including but not limited to; snake, alligator, crocodile, lizard, ostrich, emu, kangaroo, eel, shark and stingray.

down & feather

from july 2018, gorman will only source down and feather from suppliers that have Responsible Down Standard certification.

endangered species

endangered species which appear on the convention on international trade in endangered species (cites) or the iucn red list of threatened species, will not be used.


our accessories range includes a selection of vegan leather options.