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Gorman x save the children kids spray jackets

This Christmas, gorman has taken a trip back through the archives and chosen four much loved, past season prints to create a special release of limited edition kids spray jackets.

A smaller version of the classic best selling gorman style, the spray jackets feature the winter harvest, le grande, festival and foil spot prints and are available in three unisex sizes for $59.

the profits from the sale of each spray jacket will go to Save The Children, one of Australia's largest aid and development agencies dedicated to protecting children from harm and helping them access quality education and health services.

By purchasing a spray jacket you will be helping us reach our goal of raising $120,000 to support this important organisation.

In this current world environment, the kids definitely need our help.

The gorman x Save The Children spray jackets will be available in all gorman stores from Friday 1st December and online from 6pm, Thursday 30th November.

Gorman Supports Marriage Equality

2nd November 2017

To show our support for marriage equality in Australia, this year in August we gave away 15,000 free love is love t-shirts to help spread the word.

To celebrate love and the yes vote, our friend Tasha Tylee shot three beautiful couples. With just a few days left to get your vote in, we spoke to each couple to find out a little about themselves and their thoughts on love.

Credits: Photography by Tasha Tylee

Frances, Sales Assistant and Madelene, Cafe Worker

Where did you guys meet?

We didn't know each other, but we both were at the same gig. We ended up spending the night trying to get our friends together. We got completely distracted by each other and dropped our match-maker game. Thus, they never worked out..... but we did!

How long have you guys been together for?

A year next month.

What is your definition of love?

Still getting excited to see them, even though you are together every day.

Do you think love will finally prevail and Australia will vote yes?

We can only hope that Australia will vote Yes, but love will prevail regardless.

Dylan, Occupation union organiser and Jonni, Arts Manager

Where did you guys meet?

Online. #swiperight

How long have you guys been together for?

Almost a year!

What is your favourite thing about each other?

Our minds and values. But TBH, it's the cuddles.

What is your definition of love?

Accepting each other for who they are unconditionally.

Do you think love will finally prevail and Australia will vote yes?

It's never been about love, it has been about politics. Love and acceptance will prevail.

Shauna, Communication Design Student and Madison, Psychology Student

Where did you guys meet?

We were housemates at first and funnily enough we broke the cardinal rule of ’not sleeping with your housemate’. It was LOVE at first sight really.

How long have you guys been together for?

One and a half years <3

What's your favorite thing about each other?

Shauna: Madison’s kind heart and beautiful smile, and the way I feel when I am around her is electrifying, I can’t get enough. She’s a legit angel. Madison: I love the way that she allows me to completely explore my capabilities, and makes me realise how strong I can really be, the way she loves me unconditionally.

What is your definition of love?

Love is being vulnerable to the state of feeling so raw that every touch and every moment shakes you to your core. You’re exposed and vulnerable with someone to the point where all you want to do is get lost in them, even just for a moment, but over and over again.

Do you think love will finally prevail and Australia will vote yes?

Love has already prevailed from the amazing community we live amongst here in Melbourne. Though there is so much more than voting yes, it’s a human right and I think it’s time for equality of all humans.

25th August 2017

In August 2017, the Australian government announced they would be holding a plebiscite to decide on what the country thought of marriage equality. Despite numerous statistics and reports proving the majority support of it, it was still decided to spend a whopping 122 million dollars on a nonsensical, non compulsory opinion poll. Not only that, the Australian public were given a menial 2 weeks to make sure their enrolment details were up to date.

In support of the yes vote and making sure every opinion is counted, Gorman decided to distribute 5000 love is love t-shirts for free on Friday 25th August to spread the word. Using artwork from our spring collaboration with Monika Forsberg, the t-shirt was available in limited quantities in every Gorman store in Australia.

To add a bit more incentive, Gorman asked each person that would like a t-shirt to show a screenshot of their verified enrolment details. Due to the overwhelming response, we decided to giveaway an additional 10,000 ‘love is love’ t-shirts as an online pre-order.

Gorman x Guide Dogs Australia

Brian / 19th October 2017

We are thrilled to announce, that through the support of our customers who purchased a gorman x Guide Dogs Australia dog coat in March this year, the funds raised have allowed us to sponsor and name our very own Guide Dog.

Meet Brian.

In honour of Lisa Gorman’s late father, Brian Gorman, Lisa and her family chose to name the Guide Dog after her dad – as a way of paying tribute to a very special man.

We first met Brian when he was just a wee pup, only 6 weeks old. He visited Lisa Gorman and the team at gorman HQ and it was his first trip away from the kennel where he lived with his siblings. Brian was just about to join puppy pre-school; here he would learn important commands and how to socialise with other dogs.

We want you to join us on Brian’s journey, to share all of his milestones and achievements during his training, teenage years and eventually when he finds his perfect match. Stay tuned for updates on the life of Brian. We can’t wait to share them with you.



The Royal Children’s Hospital Education Institute

In December 2014, gorman and Peep Designs collaborated to produce a limited edition tote bag featuring artwork created by Jasmine, aged 12, to raise funds for The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) Education Institute.

The funds we raised through sales of tote bags went towards supporting the ongoing art education programs provided to patients by RCH Education Institute. This provides a rich learning experience for children and young people so that their journey as learners continue in hospital. Patients are engaged in learning experiences that have a rich arts focus and strong links to literacy and numeracy. In the 2013-2014 period the RCH Education Institute supported the education needs of 2,150 individual students, from kindergarten through to tertiary level.

100% of the sales were donated to The Royal Children’s Hospital Arts Education program.

the royal childrens hospital

The Lort Smith Animal Hospital

In spring 2015, gorman ran a campaign to raise funds for Lort Smith Animal Hospital and for a period of time 100% of all sales made from our Poodle Sweater went to Lort Smith Animal Hospital.

Lort Smith Animal Hospital is a not-for-profit animal hospital in Australia. They have 67 vets and 94 vet nurses providing high-quality veterinary care for 24,384 animals in 2015.

The hospital has 11 wards including an Exotic and Native Wildlife Unit. Their Adoption Centre cares for animals undergoing medical treatment and provides shelter, adoption and fostering services for abandoned and relinquished animals.


the lort smith animal hospital

The Peter MacCallum Foundation and The Leukaemia Foundation

Since 2012, gorman has hosted annual charity sales in Warrnambool to raise funds for The Peter Mac Foundation and The Leukaemia Foundation.

The Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre is internationally recognized for helping to lead the search for cancer cures. Their researchers are dedicated to preventing, treating and curing all types of cancer. The Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation supports this research by funding specialised technologies and new research opportunities.


The Leukaemia Foundation is Australia’s peak body for blood cancer, funding research and providing free services to support people with leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma and related bloody disorders, and their families.


the peter mac and leukemia foundation

Save The Children

In December 2015, Lisa Gorman collaborated with five Australian illustrators, designers and painters who each created a unique piece of art based on their idea of ‘dreams’. 25% of the sale of these pillowcases was donated to Save The Children.

In May 2015, gorman donated 20% of all sales on Mother’s Day to Save the Children and their relief efforts in Nepal.


save the children

Arkley Art Award

The memory of much-loved artist Howard Arkley is honoured by The Arkley Prize. Established in 2010 by Arkley’s mother, Gwen and her late partner Frank Lewis. The prize is awarded by an esteemed group of judges to the artist whose work in Not Fair Art Fair is considered to be outstanding. Not Fair is a curated exhibition of emerging, unrepresented and independent artists whose work would not normally be seen at the gallery-centric trade Art Fairs.

NotFair is giving these artists a way to bring their work to the attention of collectors and galleries. The aim of the prize is to acknowledge the skills of an emerging artist and reflect Howard Arkley’s passion as a practitioner and teacher. The recipients to date have included Jake Walker, Simon Finn and Hari Ho, all of whom have gone on to pursue extraordinary careers.

This August 2016, we’re proud to announce gorman will be the sponsor of The Arkley Prize.


Artwork credit:
Isabelle de Kleine, 'Knowing' 2016
Watercolour, Gouache and Acrylic on Paper,
113 x 160cm

arkley art prize

Little Seeds Big Trees

In May 2013, we launched the Choose your own Adventure Sneakers campaign. We rounded up twenty-one amazing creative’s from around the globe, and they donated their time and genius to customise a pair of exclusive, one-off gorman Adventure Sneakers.

The customised sneakers were auctioned to raise money for kid’s art therapy school, Little Seeds Big Trees.


little seeds big trees

Learn and Earn

Lisa Gorman is a regular guest speaker at our local public primary school in Clifton Hill, where she answers questions and gives advice to year 5 students regarding their learn and earn program.

longevity of stock