The Gorman organic label was introduced in 2007 and ever since, gorman have committed to producing a minimum of 25% of our products from GOTS certified organic cotton. Other sustainable fibres and materials commonly used in gorman collections include, tencel, recycled polyester, non-mulesed merino, recycled cotton fibre and raw rattan linen.

gorman organic

At gorman, we like the natural approach. Recycled or plantation timbers are used, with non-toxic natural oils and low toxic paints. Unbleached linen curtains, durable cashmere carpets, produced chemical-free, by Irish brand Tretford are also a feature, as well as our locally sourced recycled timber plinths and rises, made by our friend Charlie in Preston, Victoria, We also have some vintage mid-century furniture from Angelucci 20th Century in the mix.

When it comes to lighting, we use recycled or salvaged vintage pendants and utilise LED, energy-efficient lighting.

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Because clothes and accessories are light and can be flat-packed ‘Travel Miles’ in the fashion industry are not as significant an environmental issue when compared to industries that ship large bulky products or food-stuff requiring refrigeration. At Gorman we still however, try to do our bit to reduce the impact of our freight. A UK government study in 2008 found that transporting one tonne of garments emits 1.5kg of C02 by ship and 143.0kg by air. With this in mind we reviewed our processes and are proud to say 80% of our stock is now sea freighted.

This result has been achieved by making some simple changes such as allowing for longer lead times to enable sea freight and where possible combining deliveries to cut down on transportation.

We have also set ourselves a goal to make sure our fibres and materials are grown and produced as close to the point of manufacture as possible.

freight and shipping

In 2018, gorman introduced the 'Out of the bag' project to eliminate single use plastic bags from our stores. We no longer offer a bag with every purchase and encourage our customers to bring their own. While we prefer our customers to not take a bag, we understand there are times when they may need one so we offer a recycled multi use carry bag. The bag is made from recycled PET and for the purchase price of $3.30AUD and $3.80NZD we will direct net proceeds to an environmental organisation.

Check instore or our community page to find out who we are currently supporting.

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In 2010, gorman reduced plastic packaging of bulk orders by 90% in just one year. This has been one of our most effective changes to date on the green front, and has involved all of our suppliers getting on board.

packaging of stock

When the design team sit down to create and technically develop a product, we are thinking of value. this, to us, means that if you happen to be very fond of it, you buy it, and you want to be sure that you're going to wear it a lot. none of this one-season-and-it's-over business. we love nothing more than seeing a woman getting about in a gorman piece from 3, 5,10 years ago. the older the garment, the better.

longevity of stock